Can I continue to work?

There is usually nothing to stop you from continuing to work after getting a positive HIV-test result. A person's ability to work is not affected by a recent HIV infection.

As the infection progresses, however, you may find your health means it is harder to keep working. In most cases, HIV treatment keeps you well and able to continue working. Any side effects from the treatment can usually be managed so they don’t stop you working.

There are only a small number of professions which  HIV-positive people are not permitted to join. An HIV-positive person cannot become a pilot, for example, and many airlines do not employ HIV-positive flight attendants. We have prepared more extensive information about professional limitations due to HIV in the section Labor law.

It is important to know that almost certainly, there is no danger of infecting colleagues or customers during the course of your day-to-day work. Such fears still exist, but they are unfounded.