Living with HIV can raise issues about your legal situation in various areas:

  • Labor law protects you from discrimination in the workplace and professional life. This    includes rights for employees with disabilities.
  • Patients' rights specify what rights patients have in relation to doctors and health insurance    funds.
  • Social security law covers the social security system, including health, pension and nursing care    insurance and unemployment benefits I and II ("Hartz IV").
  • The section on Insurance provides information about private insurance (for example health and    pension insurance, life insurance).
  • Making provisions sets out the arrangements you can make for what should be done when you are no longer able to make your own decisions due to poor health. Guidelines for what should be done after your death are also covered here.
  • Criminal law determines the conditions under which the transmission of HIV may be liable to prosecution.

In this section we give an overview of the most important information. This information cannot replace professional advice from a lawyer, an AIDS service organization or other experts in these areas.